Astrology: Examining a Set of T-Squares

Topics: Mars, Jupiter, Planet Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Sets of T-Squares
Opposing planets: Mars – Saturn
Squared Planet(s) (Apex): Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto
The T-Square is represented by the block of the opposing action/drive (Mars) and structure/discipline (Saturn) forces. When these two elements clash, the squares (boiling energy) causes a friction between the two forces, causing the individual two solve the tension and find the balance. As the T-Square is an unstable pattern, the solution is found within the other side of the apex that provides the sparks to produce equality. Mars represents the action, drive, instinct and masculinity/animus. Saturn embodies structure, discipline, limits and authorities and ordeals. The opposition functions in two ways: one of the planets blocks the other, suppressing its energy in the individual. That energy finds its way out in others. In this chart, based on the individual experience of this aspect, Saturn seems to oppress Mars. The individual seems to function under the principles of order and discipline, though the Martian side is affected: Saturn tends to restrict Mars, saying him “you’re overly impulsive and you act without thought; you’re immature and your disorganized attitude is going to get you nowhere”. This adds to the individual the perception that Mars is wrong and that any of the qualities related to it are senseless, because Saturn is ruled by the sense of pragmatism. Then, the qualities of assertiveness, drive and will are somewhat diminished in the individual quotidian life. The way this person has to let the contained Martian flow is through others (Mars in 10th House) by secretly wanting their partners (friends, lovers, etc) to break the law to fulfill their oppressed desire of adrenaline and action. The T-Square should function like this: when events make the individual’s Martian and Saturnian energies confront, The individual should apply the energy generated by both planets on the apex. The opposition means indecisive disposition, turning from one side to...
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