Astrology and Religion in the Movie, The Greatest Story Ever Told

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  • Published : March 29, 2013
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The greatest story ever told
Peter Joseph
This story claims that many religions were made based on an ancient legend and some astrology information also; the zodiac affected the religious faith. However, people made religions to help the politician at their time, easily they say all problems come from evil, then if they are not able to prevent or stop it, they will say god want that. As people believed in past the sun is the source of light and life, so people tracked the sun and stars in the sky, then they give human and animal names to the star. Horus an Egyptian god his life or story is a symbolic of sun movement in the sky, also this god has enemy. Until now people have the same idea like light against dark or good against evil. Hours 3000 BC was born on Dec 25th, born of a virgin his birth accompany with star in the east, adored by 3 things, teachers at 12, ministry or baptized at 30had 12 disciples and performed miracles, overcome the sick, and walk on the water, people called his truth, god, light…. etc. he was crucified and dead for 3 days after that got resurrected. Attics Greece god 1200bc has the same mythological structure, also Krishna India 900 BC, Dionysus Greece 500 BC Mathura Persia 1200 BC he has Sunday for worship last one is Jesus he has same character as Horus. Supports birth sequence is completely astrological harmonies to Sirius (star in the east ). We have to tree our thinking and think scientifically, no need to start from the park or jump to future; I think the speakers were correct in some points as people use the religion to make control on each other. Like politician control their people. Some coatings start was against other contras because of the religion. But the religion is not the only reason for bad things in world for example the first and second wars were based on economical reason, also Cuba and North Korea, have real problem due to their authorities and they have no problem with the religion in 24 Sirius aligns with the...
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