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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Itzel Morfin

Mid-Term Paper

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There has been the constant debate of whether astrology is science or an ancient belief system. Astrology, studied and used throughout the world for thousands of years, it is the study of the interactions among the stars and the planets, based on intricate mathematical cycles. Throughout those thousands of years most everyone has either checked their horoscope daily or some simply have barely even known their astrological sign. There have been some scientific studies that always end in unusable results, but most real scientist don’t bother to even test any theory. This topic is important to go into because not only is it a popular thing in today’s world, but astrology goes back to ancient history.

Astrology is actually an ancient science that predates both astronomy and psychology. It is the study of the positions and aspects of celestial bodies in the belief that they have an influence on the course of natural earthly occurrences and human affairs. Astrology's origins can be traced to several locations and cultures, including Egypt, which developed sophisticated timekeeping and calendar science; Greece, where Ptolemy Page 2

authored influential astrological and astronomical texts; and Rome, where many of the most learned men, including two emperors, were astrologers who wrote laws and counseled citizens based on the stars. The Babylonians are thought to be the first to invent astrology because they left the earliest documents found, the Enuma Anu Enlil. The document dates back to the 1600 B.C it enumerates astronomical omens and their interpretation. Babylonians astrology was used to predict events that affected the entire nation and its cities, whether it was war, famine, or meteorological events rather than what it is commonly known for today. By the people today many believe in it simply because many older scientist thought it to be true. Many others believe that it...
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