Astrobiology: Where Did We Come from

Topics: Evolution, Sun, Human Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Lauren Fortin

February 11, 2013


Professor Gupta

The sun. the planets our home the earth; we went on the hunt from where we came from. Cosmic birth more violent than we imagined. An event that took place 4.5 billion years ago started the formation of earth. One person believed that we started out from a supernova which sent a shock wave towards us, and this started a change of events which formed out sun.

Lice have been with us and evolving with us, and are re-writing human history. Head lice only live on human scalp and cannot go more than a day without drinking blood. Stories of lice tell us clues about our history and evolution. Many ask when we start wearing clothes, and lice help us find that out. This will help us find out when we spread out from Africa and started exploring because they had to adapt. There is also a clothing lice which has killed millions over humans over the century, decimated Napoleons grand army. These lice evolved from head lice and they only could have done that after humans started to wear clothes, this helps us find out when this happened. Molecular clock was used to figure this out. Figured out that 170,000 years ago was when we started wearing clothes and that was when we were still in Africa but allowed people to spread across and explore the world.

Also helps to look into loss of body hair. Crab or pubic lice only lives in the pubic region, and we caught this from another animal, the gorilla. In order for crab lice to die we had to get rid of a lot of our hair. 3 million years ago we started to lose our body hair, which is a milestone in human evolution and they could run long distances and hunt animals.

Andre was a new father and loved catching memories of his new daughter. He believed memories define a person and he has become famous as the guy who can erase a memory from an injection. He has been fascinated with this since he was a wrong child. He had to create a device that...
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