Astro Airline Case Review Yukl

Topics: Leadership, Charismatic authority, Management Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Assignment: Module #6 Assignment

1.Describe Burton’s leadership behavior.
In the first few years, Arthur Burton’s leadership behavior had many qualities of a charismatic leader. He had a clear vision for Astro Airline and he also conveyed to his staff that he was an inspirational leader that made them feel like they could do anything. When the company grew too large, many of the employees that viewed Burton as a charismatic leader now saw him as a dictator and a manipulator. An example of his dictatorial behavior was when he was asked why there were no outsiders in the Board of Directors. His reply was since he was the founder and the largest shareholder of the airline, he had the power to determine what was in the best interest of the company. 2.Was Burton a charismatic leader in the company at this time? Arthur Burton leadership behavior took on many characteristics of the attribution theory of charismatic leadership. Some of these characteristics that Burton possessed were: novel and appealing vision, Emotional Appeals to values, self-sacrifices, and confidence and optimism. a.Novel and appealing vision: Burton had a clear vision which was quite different than the mainstream thinking of the day. It involved two elements. First, Astro Airlines would offer Low-cost, no-frills service to customers who could not afford to fly. Second, the company would offer a different way of having employees work together that would result in more creativity and improved productivity. b.Emotional appeals to values: Many employees regarded Burton as an inspirational leader because he was dynamic, gave emotionally stirring speeches, and enthusiastically taught and affirmed his vision. c.Self-sacrifices: The book did not specify that he himself sacrificed for the good of the company. It is assumed Burton did because of his three levels of management organization emphasized equality, informality, participative leadership, and self-management. d.Confidence and...
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