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“To create a car closer to art than the automobile. That was the aim” Marek Reichman, Director of Design The one-77 is the culmination of this endeavour. A car sublime in every detail. Aston Martin has a rich heritage of craftsmanship; one-77 builds on this, seamlessly blending the highest calibre of contemporary engineering with the craft and beauty of the artisan’s work. It is the very essence of Aston Martin. one-77 fuses advanced technology with stunning design to create possibly the world’s most desirable automotive art form. “one-77 expresses all the ingenuity that Aston Martin has acquired in recent years. It is the culmination of all the beauty and emotion that we can bring into the car and by this, it is an expression of what Aston Martin stands for” Dr Ulrich Bez, Ceo Aston Martin PURE FORMS INTERSECTING TO CREATE A DYNAMIC PROPORTION





Front mid-mounted 7.3 litre naturally aspirated V12 Dry sump lubrication system >700 bhp (710 PS, 522 kw) >750 Nm (553 lb ft)


Rear mid-mounted 6 speed Automated Manual Transmission with Auto Shift Manual/ Select Shift Manual (ASM/SSM) electro-hydraulic control system Two door sports coupe with two seats Left or right hand drive Carbon fibre monocoque body structure Hand crafted aluminium exterior body panels Active aerodynamics with deployable rear spoiler



Front and rear, pushrod actuated, adaptive ride height suspension Carbon Ceramic Matrix braking system Dynamic Stability Control and traction control system


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