Assume You Are a Systems Analyst Who Will Be Conducting a Requirements Analysis for an Individually Owned Brick and Mortar Retail Store with a Point of Sale System. Indentify Who the Typical Internal and External Users Might Include

Topics: Object-oriented programming, Customer service, Sales Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: November 20, 2010
For a retail store business buying is critical. Location often is a big factor in making or breaking of a retail store. Superior customer service is one of the main ingredients that differentiate ordinary stores for the highly successful ones. The higher customer service levels in retail result in greater customer loyalty and hence the repeat traffic which result in higher sales. External customer is often the recipients of the end product or services from an organization. For a retail store the buyers of its stock for sale are its external customers. The internal customers on the other hand are the store's employees. These can be individuals like cashiers or store employees who work in its internal departments such as payroll services, IT help desk services, claim processing etc.

What are the two most important advantages of object-oriented software technologies over structured software technologies?

The two most important advantages of object oriented software technologies over structured software technologies are reuse and extensibility. Structural software technologies provide few mechanisms to create flexible and reusable components. The core goal of object oriented software technologies are to provide features that will allow creation of useful flexible reusable components. Object oriented languages provide features for easily defining complex objects by composing or augmenting the behavior of existing objects. This approach significantly improves the reuse of an object by easily allowing it to be extended beyond its initial application.

That being said, object oriented software technologies cannot be really said to be replacing structural software technologies. Simpler tasks are usually much better accomplished through structural software technologies. For e.g. if I had to create a model for a payment transaction that would graphically show what happened over time, I would choose object oriented approach. If I had to run a back up and store...
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