Assualt Weapons Ban

Topics: Assault rifle, Federal Assault Weapons Ban, Machine gun Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: May 3, 2013
The author of “The Truth about Assault Rifle Bans,” starts off by listing out his reasons on why the assault rifle ban should not pass. The author’s main focus of the article was to dispel the illogical reasoning the government has been stating about assault rifles and large capacity magazines. Any citizen who supports the use of assault rifles can concur with the arguments that author has stated. The author takes multiple approaches to counter argue the reasoning behind the assault weapon ban. One of the reasons for the ban was that assault weapons looked too similar to machineguns. The author counter argues this reason by saying that assault weapons are the new 21st century sporting rifle. Another topic that came up was about implementing a stricter background check. The government believes that background checks in the United States have become too simple. The author counter argues that implementing a stricter background check will be of no use. The author says such stringent background checks are not capable due to the government’s database being rife with flaws. A factual claim that the author noted was about assault weapons being to militaristic. The author argues that assault weapons are not militaristic because they are not full auto. The author uses words such as benefits, discern, and maddening to counter argue what pro banners have claimed. The author rarely uses any metaphors or any connotations to discuss the matter. The author is clear and concise with the reasons behind the assault weapons ban. One prominent figure that the author uses is Vice President Joe Biden. Biden has said that using an assault weapon as a self-defense weapon is useless. Biden later claims that the use of a double-barreled shotgun is more useful. The author counter argues that people with a smaller stature will either get injured or cause fatal mistake due to the increased recoil. With the scenario that the author has lain out would be considered as post hoc fallacy. The...
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