Topics: White American, Race and Ethnicity, White people Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Nick Lemley
Pd. 6
Chapter 8 Reflection
A Stereotype is a summary impression of a group of people in which all members of the group are viewed as sharing a common trait or traits (302). Stereotypes can be negative, positive, or neutral. An example of a Negative Stereotype is if someone would look at an African-American man and immediately draw the conclusion of him exceling in sports like basketball or football. This example would be a negative Stereotype. A positive Stereotype can be explained as a useful tool in the mental toolbox, which helps us process new information or retrieve memories. Knowing the difference between two ethnicities is an example of a Positive Stereotype. Personally I encounter many negative stereotypes on a regular basis when I am at school because of my race. The most common stereotype that I hear is being rich just because of the fact that I’m white, but if they actually got the time to get to know me beyond my race they would see that I’m not. Another stereotype that comes from the student population is that all of the white people in the school are smart and must be at the top of the class, but the truth is I know some pretty dumb white kids (Michael Landgraf). The Caucasian race is definitely not the only one that hears stereotypes after turning every corner hallways of the school. I hear stereotypes directed towards African-Americans, Asians, Indians, Hispanics, and whatever else there is walking around our school. It would be impossible not to think that our generation is completely corrupt with the thought that it is morally just to ridicule an entire race by inferring one aspect about a single person that happens to be from that particular race.
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