Associate's Degree and Bachelor's Degree

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  • Published : August 15, 2011
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Associate and Bachelor Degrees

ENG 121 English Composition 1

August 15, 2011

Associate and Bachelor Degrees
Convenience, it's what people in the world thrive on these days. Each day we see more ways to make our lives easier and more convenient. It used to be that if you didn't go to college right after high school, you wouldn't go at all because with family and career demands, fitting school into an already busy schedule wasn't possible. With the convenience of distance education, adults are going to college to get either an associate's degree, or bachelor's degree and with good reason. Although it takes time, and can be expensive, the benefits of getting your college degree are worth it. In this essay I will compare the associate's degree to the bachelor degree focusing on the amount of time it takes, what it costs, and what the benefits are for degree holders.

An associate's degree is a college degree awarded after completing 20 courses, or 60 credit hours. Typically, an associate's degree takes between 60 and 64 credits to complete, which is about half of what is required for a bachelor's degree. A bachelor's degree, sometimes called a baccalaureate degree, is awarded after 40 classes or 120 credit hours. An associate's program is designed as a two year program of study as a full time student, whereas the bachelor's program is a four year program. For non-traditional students who work or have families to support, time is crucial and online associate and bachelor degree programs provide the flexibility in scheduling that they need.

Although there are a lot of schools offering distance education as an option, you'll have to see whether they have programs for both degrees because, typically, associates degrees are obtained at a two year community college, whereas bachelor degrees are earned at a four year college or university. Ashford University offers both programs online; the price of tuition, $26,130 for associate, $46,800 for a bachelor's....
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