Assitive Technology in the Inclusion Classroom

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In Pursuit of a Just and Democratic Society

Component| Media Example| Personal Experience Example|
Leadership| Cheryl Jorgensen in the media clip “Including Samuel” is an example of leadership.| Harris Poret establishing the Terrebonne Association of Retraded Citizens.| Advocacy| Anne Huff in the media clip Including Samuel”| Mrs. Murphy in her pursuit of an appropriate education in college prep classes | Policy| Joe Ballard| |

Law| Judith | |

What roles influenced special education leadership, advocacy, policy, and law?

In my reading and review I have noticed that the roles that influenced leadership in special education is the role of the Special Education Supervisor and the teacher. Both have been strong supporters of a free and appropriate education for children with special needs. The Special Education Supervisor has pushed the school districts to do what is right and just for the children with special needs. He/she has fought to get the funding required to meet the everyday needs of the students in the district. The Special Education Supervisor could not effectively do his/her job without the assistance and input of the special education teacher. The special education teacher works closely with the general education teachers to assist in making sure that all students receive a free and appropriate education. This may mean obtaining materials and/or assistance with modifications and meeting the accommodations of the students in the classroom. The special education teacher has to lead the way and show others what can be done to ensure that all students are being treated equally and fairly.

The advocate role is strongly influenced by parents. Parents step up and demand what is needed for their children. Without the parent showing interest and determination and advocating for what is right and just for their children, many of the needs would go unmet. That is not to say the special education teacher would not try to ensure...
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