Assistive Technology Device Review

Topics: Writing, Computer program, Computer software Pages: 3 (1064 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Widgit Software Program

The assistive technology tool I choose to review is the Widgit software program. It is a software program that uses symbols to create a variety of different documents- books, reports, worksheets, posters, and so forth. The documents created in this program can be made into any size- whether it is a book or a single sheet of information. The symbols come in black and white or color, and there are over 11,000 symbols from many different categories. If the user cannot find a symbol, they can upload their own easily and add speech bubbles or frames to the symbol. There are even sample and ready-made templates available for the user to work with. “Some people with severe learning difficulties will never be able to read and write; others will have some capability but find decoding text very difficult” (Welcome to Widgit). The Widgit software program is made up of multiple products for communication, information, language, and learning. What you use for each person depends of his/her needs and preference. Everyone is different with different abilities. The programs are Communicate: In print, Communicate: SymWriter, Communicate: By choice, and Communicate: Ideas. These programs focus on adding visual support to printed text, making reading less challenging. The Widget software programs enable people to “translate” written text by combining it with symbols. Symbols engage people. Using symbols is a simple, quick, and visual way of communicating. It is important to know that symbols are different from pictures. “ Pictures convey a lot of information at once and its focus may be unclear, while a symbol focuses on a single concept. This means symbols can be put together to build more precise information” (Wearmouth, 2009,p.183). Symbols are used all around us in everyday life as a simple and direct way of communicating. Whether a sign at a foreign airport or a set of instructions for how to use a new appliance, the use of symbols has an instant...
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