Assisted Suicides: Moral or Immoral?

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  • Published : April 23, 2012
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Assisted Suicides: Moral or Immoral?
Is assisting a loved one to die morally acceptable or is it murder? This essay will look at both sides of this argument and leave the reader to decide which side they more agree with. The main article I will be looking at is the one by Susan M. Wolf and the death of her sick father. There are two sides to this situation. One group of people feel that it is morally and lawfully wrong to help in the death of any person, regardless of who they are and believe the culprit to be just as guilty as a murderer. Others will argue that it is only helping to speed up a process that is inevitably coming and helping a person to quit the pain is human nature showing sympathy and courage. In this essay, I will be looking at both sides of this argument and leave it to the reader to decide which argument he believes to be more reasonable.

The definition of the word “murder” in the English dictionary is the act of killing another person deliberately and not in self-defense. The definition of the word “suicide” is the act of deliberately killing yourself. To help a loved one during a hard time comes natural to a lot of people and granting a wish is the big argument for those people that see know wrong in assisting a dying person. Their argument is that terminally ill people, especially those who are in lots of pain often times would rather have help with dying sooner than to wait naturally and draw out a long and very hard time. There are also instances where the sick person was not necessarily a loved one but a patient, such as the case of Dr. Jack Kevorkian. In the case of Dianne Pretty, a woman facing a painful death, she went to the courts to get a British law overturned to allow her husband assist her with her decision to end her own life. She had endured years of pains and problems because of a terminal illness called motor neurone disease. She said she wanted a "quick death without suffering, at home surrounded by my...
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