Assisted Suicide - Should Assisted Suicide Be Practiced?

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  • Published : April 6, 2011
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Seminar II

Should Assisted Suicide be Practiced?
Assisted suicide: suicide facilitated by another person, who organizes the logistics of the suicide by providing the necessary amounts of a poison. In today’s society assisted suicide is frowned upon my many citizens. Although it gives a person on life support a way to “escape” the pain, people feel as though it is interfering with the will of God. So is it good for assisted suicide to be practiced? “Matthew Donnelly loved life. But Matthew Donnelly wanted to die. For the past thirty years, Matthew had conducted research on the use of X-rays. Now, skin cancer riddled his tortured body. He had lost his nose, his left hand, two fingers on his right hand, and part of his jaw. He was left blind and was slowly deteriorating. The pain was unrelenting. Doctors estimated that he had a year to live. Lying in bed with teeth clenched from the excruciating pain, he pleaded to be put out of his misery. Matthew wanted to die now. His pleas went unanswered.” How is it that a man going through a pain that none of us could ever imagine not but given something that he asked for, even if it was to be put to death, is it right of us to tell him no and to suffer? At times death can be the only cure for someone going through pain. Even though at times you feel they should fight through it, in the end it’s their decision of what they want to do. The decisions one makes will determine the outcome of their life, whether good or bad, it’s still your decision. When a person is lying on their deathbed, ready to past, they may face serious pains, pains that are almost unbearable. Their only way away from these pains is death. So why should they be left to face these pains when they could just end it al through assisted suicide. “Supporters of legislation legalizing assisted suicide claim that all persons have a moral right to choose freely what they will do with their lives as long as they inflict no harm on others. This right of free...
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