Assisted Suicide

Topics: Suffering, Patient, Death Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Dying With Dignity: Physician Assisted Suicide
What if you had a debilitating illness and couldn’t get out of bed, go to the bathroom by yourself, or feed yourself? On top of not being able to function without the help of another person, your illness causes you to endure unimaginable, excruciating pain day in and day out. What would you do? Would you wait for your illness to take every last shred of dignity you possess, leaving you a shell of your former self? Or would you ask to be put out of your misery so you could die with dignity? This is a situation hundreds of people will face in their lifetime, which brings about the very controversial topic of physician assisted suicide. Physician assisted suicide should be a freedom given to all people who are suffering from a degenerative or incurable illness so they have the opportunity to die with dignity. Every human being should have the freedom to choose when and how they die. If a person has a debilitating illness that is causing them to suffer endlessly, they should be granted the option to end that suffering after all other interventions have failed. According to Timothy Quill, “Palliative care, if applied with skill and expertise, can address most, but not all, end-of-life suffering. So the first place to go if a person is requesting assistance in dying is to make sure she is getting the best possible palliative care (Quill, 2012).” Once palliative care has proved to be no longer helpful in eliminating suffering, physician assisted suicide would allow the patient to maintain control over his or her situation and enable them to end their life in an ethical and merciful manner. The choice of physician assisted suicide also saves the patient’s loved ones from having to endure continuous pain, heartbreak, and a continuous financial burden. Anyone who has ever watched a loved one suffer from a terminal illness will probably say how heartbreakingly miserable it was. While it is incredibly difficult for the...
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