Assist in Preparing and Maintaining the Learning Environment

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Unit 10 - Assist in preparing and
maintaining the learning environment

Element 010.1: - Help prepare the learning environment

Knowledge base 1: - Your role and responsibility for helping to prepare the learning environment

My roles and responsibility for helping to prepare the learning environment is: -

• Make sure that the class is Safe and clean

• Make sure that there is enough materials and equipment if not then I need to let the class teacher know

• When starting a lesson I need to get all materials needed ready for use

• If there is a shortage off Materials and If I know where to go to get more then I be able to do it myself

• Make sure there is enough room to Manoeuvre around the classroom.

Knowledge base 2: - The roles and responsibilities of others within the school in respect of establishing and maintain learning environment.

The roles and responsibilities are

|Responsibility |Who? | |Health & safety |Tracey Mcquirk | |Access to store rooms |Site maintenance (Mike and David) class Teacher | |Waste disposal |Site maintenance | |Ordering materials |Roz | |Storage of materials |Class teacher | |Maintenance of classrooms |Site maintenance and cleaners | |Shortfalls in equipment/materials |Site maintenance and class teacher |

Knowledge base 3: - The principles and practices of inclusive education and the implications of these for setting out learning environments

The definition of inclusion

There are still confusions associated with the meaning of ‘inclusion’, as the term is used in various ways ‘inclusive schools’ and ‘inclusive society’ are just two of them. Different people use the term in different ways and with varying intentions. Definitions of inclusion have altered, and with alter, as cultural and societal changes occur. The green paper (Department For Education and Employment DFEE, 1997) talks about increasing inclusion by increasing the numbers of children with SEN in mainstream schools while maintaining special schools for those who need them. IN contrast, Centre for the Studies of Inclusive Education CSIE (1989) uses inclusion to describe a state of affairs in which all children are educated in mainstream classes within mainstream schools with only temporary withdrawal from this situation envisaged. This is generally termed full inclusion. There is also confusion about what ‘full inclusion’ actually means and how it might be operationalised in the educational system. It is unclear as to whether full inclusion requires one system for all or a combination of interrelated inclusive systems. Consideration has to be given to the implications for all pupils if inclusion is intended to be a means to an end rather then an end in...
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