Assingment 3

Topics: Leisure, Experience, Campus Pages: 4 (1220 words) Published: December 16, 2012
RPT 420 1
Assignment #3 – New Leisure Experiences (55 points)
Learning Objective(s): The purpose of this project is to experience several new recreation and leisure experiences, broaden your understanding and perspective of leisure opportunities, experience firsthand as to the limitations and benefits to leisure and finally to have fun! Activity Instructions: Each student will participate in five new leisure and/or recreation experiences that are ideally free or a nominal amount. The five new experiences will be within the following context: 1. by yourself (solo, alone, no other people with you….)

2. with others outside this class
3. with others from this class (if you live abroad this may be conducted via a webcam session over iLearn with prior instructor consent) 4. on the SFSU campus (if you live aboard this may be conducted on another university campus with prior instructor consent) 5. volunteering your time for at least two hours

A. Activities #1-#4 (listed above) need to be of at least one hour in duration, #5 needs to be at least two hours in duration. B. Activities that show creativity, effort, are very new to the student, and representation of the learning objectives will be graded with higher marks then activities that are slightly new or variations of previously experience leisure and recreation. For more clarification on this email your instructor. C. Activities selected should answer “yes” to the following: “Will the activity be . . .  A new, first time experience? This means that it is a totally new experience, not something you have done before which you put little twist on it to make it “new”.  Enjoyable, and a positive experience (i.e., lead to personal growth)?  Safe to you, others, and the environment? (i.e., don’t take your first outdoor rock climbing trip as the #1 solo activity)  It is at least one hour in duration (two hours for the #5 volunteering activity)?  At least three of the activities are interactive – not passive? (So if...
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