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Light On Bhopal Tragedy After Two Era
“1984: In December, a gas leak at a plant in Bhopal, India, caused by an act of sabotage, results in tragic loss of life.” - Union Carbide Corporation just gave the short description in their official web site’s History section. But the pain, suffering and tragedy is much bigger than those lines. The World Wide Web contains several pages on this issue, journalists wrote millions of words, the Indian Government through the local government of Madhya Pradesh distributed total financial compensation of Rs.1548.93 crores along with other rehabilitation program (As on 30.10.2008) but the time before the disaster will never come back, never.

Background of The Story Bhopal & the ‘Union Carbide India Limited’ Bhopal is the capital city of Indian state Madhya Pradesh. It became the capital in 1956, which is also known as the "City of Lakes," and previously known as Bhoj Pal (named after the king Bhoj). The city's economy is heavily dependent upon the markets of jewelry, electrical goods, cotton, and chemicals, however the gas leak terminated most of the Bhopali's easiness for chemical industries. The most imminent trade of all is the art of handicraft, which includes the making of designed handmade Indian outfits, purses, linens cloths etc. Being a capital city,...
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