Assimilation vs Nationalism

Topics: Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, African American, United States Pages: 3 (791 words) Published: October 31, 2011
Assimilation vs. Nationalism
The concept of Black Nationalism refers to the desire of Black Americans to control their own destiny through control of their own political organizations and through the formation and preservation of their own cultural, economic and social institutions. In a sense, Black Nationalism is almost a religious ideology that emphasizes the ultimate ascendancy of Black Americans over White Americans. Black Nationalism has existed for a long time in the United States, and remains a pervasive force in the black community. The initial aims of nationalism in Africa were to seek accommodation with the colonial system, make it beneficial to Africans, minimize exploitation and oppression, and deal with assumptions of racial inferiority. The article deals with the assimilation of black college students in a society where they have been oppressed. Basically, are they assimilating or do they want control of their own destiny? The Question is, how would they attain this?

How would they break away from the domination of whites over their institutions? Per Stokley Carmichael’s phrase “By any means necessary”. Be it violence or non violence. Did the author achieve his goal?

The author did not state his intended goal. I felt he could have expounded more on how he felt the students assimilated or why he thought they wanted to assimilate. He achieved his goal when he spoke about Nationalism. Because most African American want their own identity. What brought me to this research?

When I look at how Nationalism affected Africans I started thinking about how it affects students at HBCU’s. Because we want a better life style for ourselves and our children, we are sometimes said to want to be white or to want to assimilate. (Example) oldest daughter went to San Diego State, oldest son went to PV, and my youngest son refuses to go to an HBCU, he is going to UTSA.

Key Words:
WASP: White, Anglo, Saxon, Protestant
New Negro Movement
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