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ICT618 IT Projects Management

Assignment 1

Initiating a Project

Due: 9:00am 28 March 2013

This activity is worth 15% of your final mark [with the addition of the project Proposal mark of 5%, for a total of 20%]
NOTE - This is a group-based activity - the group submits one assessment item and all group members receive the same mark. This assignment addresses the following topics: 1-6, and may require some reading ahead. As appropriate, the work in this assignment should use Microsoft Project.


A project is initiated through a proposal which can be anything from an informal email to a many-paged report. Using the project you were assigned to from InClassActivity 1, complete the following tasks to produce the documentation required to initiate a project.

You must use the templates provided with your text in completing the documents required.
You should use the lecture notes and Chapter 3 of your text as a guideline to the documentation you produce.
You can make any reasonable assumptions. However, any assumptions you make regarding the scenario and context for your chosen project must be documented.
Integration/Scope Management

1. Using the project proposal completed as a previous assessment item (InClassActivity1 ) formalise, applying the template provided with your text, a Project Charter for your project. (charter.doc)

2. Prepare the financial section of a business case for the Project. The figures you should use are available in the extra information provided on LMS (Business_case_financial.xls)

3. Create a weighted scoring model to help evaluate candidates for the project manager position. Use at least five criteria for evaluating four potential candidates, and scores for the candidates. Embed a screenshot of the spreadsheet including the chart on one page in your assignment (wtd_decision_matrix.xls)

4. Develop a scope...
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