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Topics: Working time, Employment, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 7 (2542 words) Published: March 25, 2013
o you think romantic relationships would distract two employees from performing their jobs? Why or Why not? As we name the two individuals as an “employees” so it is fair to point that work hours only belong to the company and not personal life. It is too unprofessional and unethical to devote paid company time to personal relationships. 

Office relationships do distract the couples from their duties. The meetings throughout the office and breaks spent together are just part of the problem. Just to have that time together, their work will suffer the most. The organisation are certainly not paying them for this. Their co-workers left with no choice and will cover them off when their superiors are around. These kind of behaviour affects the organisational goals and the performance of both the employees. When there is any relationship, there is always conflicts and fights and because of these fights it create stress which can affect office environment and will make difficult to achieve organisational goals. Fights in small matters create confusion, stress which will affect team work and misunderstanding and would lack interest to perform in the organisation. Due to spending most of the office time togather can create a decline in their performance level which is noticed by their colleagues and can take advantage of them. Workplace romance can decrease the concentration level depending on the state in the relationship. . In most of the workplace relationship, the couple bring their personal arguments on to the workplace which is very unprofessional which the top level management cannot tolerate as this is affecting their work When the workplace relationships end into a breakup, it will not only destroy their relationship but will also affect their office targets as it creates stress. After the breakup, it is very difficult to interact formally or informally between the two individuals, these will affect in the department where they are working.. As it is a workplace, the two co-workers will see each other on daily basis which will cause negative feelings among each other this will lead to mood swings and distraction towards work. The more time spend with each other during working hours, the more and more you'll begin to align yourself from your other co-workers. As you spend your office hours with your partner, you’ll be unable to complete your targets due to which you need to work overtime to satisfy your superior. As the two employees are in a relationship, spending most of the time togather, extending breaks, internal telephonic calling is very common. But due to this, their daily targets are been affected which affects their performance level as well. In every relationship, possessiveness, jealousy is common especially in workplace where employees needs to interact now and then with other colleagues for some or the other work which will create misunderstanding between the couple. This will result to fights, misunderstanding and stress and will divert there concentration from work. The organisation is not going to listen to your explaination as they have hired and paying you for doing their work. It is common that if we are upset about something with our partner we are certainly concerned about what is wrong or what I did and if that person is in your office , you’ll be concerned more about his/her, as whenever she/he talks to someone else you get a feeling what if something starts between them and this "what if" question is a very deadly thing as you are posessive about the person you love. This creates possessiveness and jealoousy which lowers the concerntration level at work. If you are in a workplace relationship, there are certain colleagues gossips which takes place. And there will be some co- workers who passes ghasty comments which can affect the two because of which your most of the time in office goes in explaining your collegues. And if there is a superior and sub ordinate relationship, the feeling is...
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