Assignments for International Business Management

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Assignments for International Business Management

Assignment 1:

The TATA case
Tata Cars, India, has become the focus of public attention, and has caught the beady eyes of competitors in the automobile industry since it announced it would put the cheapest car ever on the market – first in India, but eventually also in the rest of the world.

This plan is seen as a revolution in the car industry. Many potential customers all over the world anticipated the arrival of the Tata Nano. Millions of people who otherwise would not have the resources to buy a car, now saw a chance looming that they, too, would have that opportunity.

Tata now has to figure out a way to enter the Western markets, including the Netherlands.

Analyze their opportunities and challenges, identify bottle necks and market niches in the Netherlands. In this context, you can think of: national and EU environment laws, taxes and duties, the perception of the target group of a car as cheap as the Nano, effects on the price of government measures (like BPM) etc. Also, consider what marketing strategy might work in the Netherlands.

Advise the Tata Board of Directors on a strategy to be implemented in their penetration of the Dutch market.

Assignment 2:

The Dam/dyke building case
You work for my company: we are in the dam/dyke building business. We have been involved in building dams in various parts of the world. The latest project was the repair/strengthening of the levees in New Orleans. So we are a big player.

I want to explore new markets. I have given you the assignment to investigate the possibilities in a foreign country. Choose a country that you think has potential for my line of business.

Analyze the country, concentrating on aspects like: infrastructure, geography, potential future projects, economic strength of the country, legal facilities or limitations, politics and culture of doing business.

Use sources, but do not only Google the information.

Come up with clear recommendations.


Assignments for Finance/Accounting

Assignment 1

Several aspects of the Euro Crisis
The financial world is still shaking after the financial crisis started in late 2008. At first, reassuring words were spoken by officials, but soon after that the seriousness of the situation became clearer and clearer.

Now, after the bailout of Greece and Ireland, it is becoming transparent that more European countries are having trouble meeting their financial obligations. Countries like Portugal, Spain and Belgium are mentioned in this respect. They seem to be running the risk of going bankrupt, which would have dramatic effect for the Eurozone.

One country is also in trouble, which would have even more serious effects than the above-mentioned countries: Italy. Italy is said to be “too big to save”, as it is one of the biggest economies in Europe, and has huge debts, even more so than Spain and Portugal together.

Write an extensive article on the situation of Italy, highlighting the position that Germany and the Netherlands are taking (willing or reluctant to help bail Italy out?); the official rules that the EMU has set up to prevent countries from going bankrupt (including the rules that regulate the penalties if a country has more than a certain percentage of debt); The possibility that The ECB (European Central Bank) issues Eurobonds at a fixed interest rate; the chances of the Eurozone breaking up and of countries being “kicked out” of the Eurozone and even the chance of the Euro being abandoned altogether.

Make sure you make use of sources, and refer to them in footnotes and the bibliography of the article. For the format of references: follow the instructions in the PowerPoint presentation given in the first lesson. You may also use the information given in the BCN reader semester 2, to be found in Netwerkmappen.

Assignment 2:

The Financial Crisis and its...
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