Assignments: Buying Pollution Permit

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Let’s pollute our environment !!!

"I decided to sell you a pollution permit so you get a chance to pollute the environment as well, so what do you think?"

That is not a joke by the way!!!

In order to understand what I am saying, we need to set certain cornerstones. First, mother Earth is the only place in the universe-to date- where we can live. That is why it is of utmost importance to care for our planet and treat it with love and care. Second, due to the environmental threats we are currently meeting like the greenhouse effect and others, there is a lot of pressure on the whole world to decrease its pollution rates.

Now that we are clear that we all have the same goal...ok!!!

Come and buy a pollution permit!!!

Actually I think of it as a brilliant idea, it is a way to reduce pollution with financial incentives. This is a trade called "Emission trading" in this trade each government enforces a pollution limit and share these limits or allowances with its institutions. Under these agreements, each institution or factory buys permits to an allowable amount of pollution that it can't exceed. If it exceeds this limit it has to buy new permits or be fined. On the other hand, if the government decided to increase the number of factories or decided to reduce the overall pollution limit, it forces a reduction in these limits to all factories.

Despite Africa only causes a little more than 3% of the world's pollution, it will be among the most affected areas by global warming. That is why Africa is taking many steps towards Emission trading, including Kenya's initiative. Kenya is currently offering to trade carbon for all Africa; through making agreements with international financial organizations to increase the use cleaner energy and grow more trees in Africa. Just last month, Kenya moderated a workshop on carbon trade investments and finance.

So, now you can easily see that I wasn't really joking !!!

This inquire that I began with is a start of a possible conversation between two factory managers who participate in emission trading schemes. Of course, the manager offering to sell his permit is the one who succeeded to reduce his pollution rate and gets to benefit from that by selling his permits to the highest bidder. This way he literally cashes in on his success in reducing the environmental pollution.

Maharashtra and Gujarat. The brightest jewels in India’s industrial crown. But impressive industrial growth figures fail to hide the grim realities of environmental pollution. While, the state governments are only bothered about industrial growth, the civil society is struggling to draw public attention to the impending danger to the environmental and public health.

Industrial survey statistics tell you that more than one-hird — 36.3 per cent — of the total value added by to the raw materials through manufacture in the factory sector of the country comes from Maharashtra (23.66 per cent) and Gujarat (12.64 per cent). Easily, the two most industrialised states of India. Governments of both the states claim they have created immense prosperity in the region. But statistics do not tell you the real story of thousands of workers and farmers. Aniruddha Mohanty is one of them.

Mohanty has been working in the Daru Khana shipbreaking yard of Chembur for the past 15 years. It is a life without any dignity due to a living being. Everyday for 8-10 hours he inhales toxic fumes from the abandoned ships that he breaks. The fear of explosion looms large. His best friend died last month in an explosion while breaking a ship. “In the past 15 years, I have got tuberculosis three times. The doctors say I have to quit this job and to shift to a cleaner place,” he says. He stays in Deonar, Maharashtra’s largest solid waste dumping ground. In violation of a Mumbai High Court order, prohibiting burning of wastes, wastes are still burnt in Deonar. For Aniruddha, clean air is an impossibility.

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