Assignments: Black Friday

Topics: Earthquake, Edmund Hillary, Volcano Pages: 4 (639 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Disasters quiz

1. What and when is black Friday?
• Black Friday is

2. What type of flu killed almost three thousand people in Britain in 1970? •

3. What was the Greycliffe disaster?
• The Greycliffe disaster occurred in Sydney Harbour 1927 when the harbour ferry Greycliffe and the Union steamship company mail streamer collided.

4. At which Scottish football ground did 66 people die when a barrier collapsed in 1971? • It occurred in the Liverpool game against Celtic.

5. Three major Australian civil disasters have involved bridges. Name the three calamities? • 1
• 2
• 3

6. What happened and where on Christmas day 1974?
• Darwin was flooded and flattened by cyclone Tracy

7. How did Harold Holt die?

8. Which disease was first noted when 34 people died at a convention of the American legion in 1976? •

9. During what disaster of 1912 were the words “be British” reportedly spoken by a principal participant? •

10. In legend, how did the little Dutch boy prevent a disastrous flood from swamping the Netherlands? •

11. Disaster movies were popular in the year 1970s. In which building was “the Towering inferno” supposedly set? •

12. To the nearest thousand, what was the death toll in the Great Fire of London in 1666? •

13. What traditionally was the incident that set off the Great Fire of Chicago in 1871? •

14. What was the name given to the plague that devastated Eurasia in 1347-1351? •

15. In 1937 at Lakehurst, new jersey there occurred what “time” “magazine called” the worst and most completely witnessed disaster in the history of commercial aviation. What was it? •

16. In the Old Testament book of exodus what was the second plague imposed by god to put pressure on the pharaoh? •

17. Upon which island did the world’s worst aviation disaster occur in 1977? •

18. In which year of the twentieth century did the (first) San Francisco...
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