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The researcher would like to express sincere gratitude to a number of persons for invaluable time in assisting for the completion of this S.B.A. Firstly, to his parents for their patience, support and financial contribution. Secondly, to all the respondent’s for their valuable time spend on answering the questionnaires given. Finally, a special thanks goes to his subject teacher who guided me throughout this entire S.B.A.


The S.B.A is a requirement for the C.X.C examination which is worth a sum of 25% of the total marks.

Statement of the Problem

What Causes students to break school rules and possible effects in the B.H.M.S?

Reason for research

Student indiscipline behavior towards the school rules. This research intends to find out why student are so disrespectful towards the rules of Bladen Hall Multilateral School.

Method of investigation
In order to collect data from the survey, I have decided to use printed questionnaires.

The questionnaires as a tool for collecting data:
It requires less time needed.
It can be done during the respondent own convenient time.
A lot of information can be collected is a short period of time. It also facilitates easy data analysis, through the use of structured questions.

Dear Respondent,
I am a student of the Bladen Hall Multilateral School, who is preparing to write the S.C.E.C Examination in 2014. In my preparation, I am required to submit a school based assessment (S.B.A) for social studies. I am conducting an investigation based on the topic “Indiscipline in School”. You are kindly asked to answer the questionnaire honestly; truthfully, you are not required to write your name, address or any form of identification. However, you can answer the questions by ticks in the relevant boxes and fill the...
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