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  • Published : February 6, 2011
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Assignment: WAN Paper
Alexandria Mercado
Axia College University of Phoenix

A WAN or Wide Area Network is one of the most important communication tools available to businesses today. The main benefit of a Wide Area Network is companies that have more than one office location either in the same metropolitan area, nationwide, or internationally. For example, Aero Media has several office locations in one state. Currently there are three office locations. The best solution for Aero Media is to have an ISDN or Integrated Services Digital Network. Cost effectiveness is one of the best qualities of this type of WAN technology. For example, ISDN supports data, voice and video simultaneously. ISDN operates on leased lines and it uses telecommunication infrastructure to connect to the remote network. (, 1997). Advantages for an Integrated Services Digital Network include; speed, multiple devices, and connection times. Speed is very important in communicating through the three different locations of Aero Media. Allowances for an Integrated Services Digital Network, is that there are multiple digital channels that operate simultaneously thorough the same copper wire. Digitally there is more data transfer compared to analog lines. (, 1997). Connecting multiple devices is also an important factor for Aero Media. A cost effective benefit is that ISDN network lines can handle multiple devices on a single line. Up to eight devices such as four computers, two printers, fax machines, can all work simultaneously from that single network cable. (, 1997). Connections speeds are essential for any business network. For example, modern dial-up modems that operate on higher speeds can usually connect in ranges of a half a minute to a minute. With the ISDN that connection times are usually instantaneous and can take two seconds or less. (, 1997). With any type of WAN network technology there are always...
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