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Topics: Management, Psychology, Organization Pages: 9 (2724 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Date : December 5th , 2011
Student’s Name : Alberto Tengguna Theng
Course Title : Organizational Behavior
Professor’s Name : Dr. Mitzi Dorland
Words : 2,011

The Study of the Theories of Organizational Behaviour and the Relationship with Modern Complexities

In the social life of today’s society, it is irrefutable to say that being in an organization is a part of our lives. Take companies, for example. How companies are run, has “an increasing impact on individuals, the other organizations, and the community “ (Mullins, 2008 p.4). Hence, the need to know and study how such factors influence and related to our life. Additionally, Organisational Behaviour (OB) is a study that how individuals, groups, and structure and have a relationship within organizations in order to improve the performance and effectiveness (Robbins and Judge, 2009 p.10). Also, it would help to understand about the prediction and control of human behavior (Luthans, 1995). As a multi-disciplinary approach, the study of Organisational Behaviour (OB) has three major disciplines, namely: psychology, sociology, and anthropology. The first main aspect of OB is Psychology, it is a scientific study of individual behaviour and membership of small social groups which means mental processes (Bratton, 2007). Psychology has an influence of a major part in the study of Organisational Behaviour (Mckenna, 2000) Additionally, Psychology has three factors that perform an individual behaviour in a workplace, namely: personality, perception, and psychological contract. Firstly, personality, is a subject of characteristic groups that explain why a person behave in a particular way (Mullins, 2008 p.50). One way to describe the personality between people is by using “The Big Five”, namely: with extraversion/intro version and agreeableness/hostility to predict job performance across many jobs, and also emotional stability/instability and openness/closed-mindedness to predict job performance when a lot of personal interaction is involved (Mullins, 2008 p.53). Personality test is useful to the selection of job at the present time because a lot of people who believe in "person-job-in accordance with the theory" which been argued that "the highest level of personality is job satisfaction and the lowest level of personality is the staff turnover when the personality and occupation have been in the agreement. Secondly, perception, is a process by which individuals select, organize, and interpret their sensory impressions (Robbins, 2005 p.135). One of the factors that could cause danger of the perception is perceptual stereotyping, therefore, it might lead to discrimination (Mullins, 2008). Thirdly, Psychological Contract is very crucial in the relationship between employee and employer. Hence, psychological contract is not written an agreement, but it was written about an employee perception of the exchange relationship with an organization (Rousseau, 1995). Indeed, it is possibly that psychological contract might not help to fully meet the expectations of both employee and employer. However, because of the relationship between the employee and employer is a major part of psychological contract, therefore, if the psychological contract is managed well, exactly, it would improve the business performance (Emmot, 2001). The second main part of major discipline which is related to the Organisational Behaviour is “Sociology” means a study of social behaviour which is related to the social groups and societies, and the maintenance of order (Mullins, 2008 p.7). Additionally, Sociology is important to help of understanding about the role of work in people’s lives (Watson, 2003). Based on Goldthorpe et al (1968) has said that each person has different attitude, therefore, Goldthrope has classified them into three groups, namely: the instrumental, bureaucratic, and solidaristic workers. These Classifieds could help to see what kinds of motivation that would motivate each person,...
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