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Q. Assume that you are working for a company who manufactures toys for the age group of 3-10 years. In your point of view what do you think is going to be new types of competition or new business model and discuss how and to what extent opportunities outside the competitive box are developing? Ans. Key Trends Shaping the Toy Market

Trend #1 — Kids Demographic Trends Point to Strong Growth

Trend #2 — Infant/Preschool Toys Offer Strong Growth for Toy Marketers

Trend #3 — Collectibles are Toys for Adults

Trend #4 — Baby Boomers Will Be the Most Affluent and Indulgent Grandparent Generation

Trend #5 — Internet Will Play a Bigger Role in Toy Retailing

Trend #6 — Demand for Back-to-Basics Toys Will Grow

Trend #7 — Coming Retail Crisis Caused by Over Building of toys

Trend #8 — Brands Will Become Primary Focus
Growth in the population of children age 10 and younger drives demand for toys; demand for electronic gaming products is driven by personal income and product innovation. The profitability of individual companies depends on identifying market trends and marketing effectively. Large companies can offer a wide selection of toys, and have scale advantages in purchasing, manufacturing, distributing, selling, and marketing. Small companies compete effectively by specializing in a product segment, or responding faster to market trends. The electronic gaming console industry is capital-intensive. Toy manufacturers face increasing competition from other sources of entertainment for children, including the Internet, television, and other consumer electronics. Segments:

Unisex and for all ages 3-5
Stuffed toys
Building blocks
Girls for age 5-10
Doll accessories
Doll house and accessories

Boys for age 5-10
Heroes like batman, Spiderman etc
Cars and other vehicles...
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