Assignment Specification

Topics: Business, Management, Entrepreneurship Pages: 5 (1068 words) Published: March 17, 2013

School of Arts and Science
Computer Science Division

Advanced Diploma Year 1
Academic Year 2012/2013

Business Information Systems
Information Systems Engineering
Internet Technology
Interactive Software Technology

Coursework Specification

|Assessment Methods |Total | |Coursework | |40% | |Student participation |20 marks | | |Individual Assignment |30 marks | | |Group Assignment |40 marks | | |Student Presentation |10 marks | | | |100 marks | | |Final Examination | 60% | |Total | 100% |

This assignment is a partial fulfillment of requirement leading to Advanced Diploma in Year 1 for students taking the subject in Entrepreneurship. The assignment is divided into 2 parts which are individual assignment and group assignment. For this assignment students are required to complete all the topics provided by the tutor, discuss with group members and provide answer to all questions as attached.

The objective of this assignment is to assess student’s ability to: 1. Understand the concepts or theories learned in the subject or course. 2. Expose to the world of business theoretically and practically. 3. Understand own strengths and weaknesses.

4. Identify long term and short term goals to be achieved in one life. 5. Enhance your knowledge by gathering related materials, determine the suitability of materials used and reading extra reference books and articles. 6. Present a written assignment in a proper, clear, interesting and logical manner.

The report should be written in the format of 12 font size, Times New Roman Style, 1.5 Line Spacing and with justified alignment.

This assignments also requires students to submit a well-written and well formatted report (in Word format).

All assignments should be submitted by the stated due date unless as revised and approved by the lecturer. Marks will be deducted for late submissions of the written paper at 5% per working day late, unless valid reasons or application for extension and approval is given before the due date of the assignment. Therefore the responsibility is upon you to ensure that an assignment is substantially prepared prior to the submission date. Late submissions for more than 5 working days (from due date) will not be accepted. As a general rule, no extension of time will be granted. The assignments and its due dates are normally given in advance to students so that they will be able to organize their study program.

All work presented for assessment is expected to be the student’s own and original work. The lecturer expects of all students, honest and meticulous acknowledgement of all sources of materials used.

All work submitted must be original and not previously submitted for assessment at this College or elsewhere. All information from other sources must be duly acknowledged. In...
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