Assignment Rm: Resource Management

Topics: Assessment, Management, Resources Pages: 4 (1308 words) Published: February 14, 2013
EXTERNAL ASSIGNMENT UNIT 5004 – RESOURCE MANAGEMENT To address the Learning Outcomes you are required to make statements as a manager and leader or a potential manager and leader. Your statements are to be prefixed with the specific Learning Outcome and should demonstrate how you manage resources within your work area or in an organisation with which you are familiar. The Assessment Criteria will act as a guide to help you put into context your statements to fulfil the Learning Outcomes. Your statements should relate to your learning of day-to-day management activities. Word count: In total, it is suggested that your statements should not be less than 2500 and not more than 3000 words, therefore for each statement you should write approximately 800 - 900 words. You should make appropriate use of tables, graphs, diagrams, Gantt charts and flowcharts etc. You must make sure that you reference any sources you have used to complete this assignment; listing reference material and web sites used, appendices must not be included. You are encouraged to produce a reflective statement of no more than 300 words (which does not count within the total number of words), describing the value and knowledge gained from undertaking this assignment. The reflective statement is not assessed, however encourages you to review the value and application of your learning. LEARNING OUTCOMES 1. Be able to identify and plan resources needed to meet objectives ASSESSMENT CRITERIA 1.1 Identify those resources required to achieve objectives 1.2 Explain the process of planning resource use to achieve objectives 1.3 Identify the costs associated with the resources required to achieve objectives 2. Be able to select and use the resource supply chain to meet planned objectives 2.1 Evaluate sources of supply to meet planned objectives 2.2 Explain processes to manage the supply, continuity and quality of resources to meet plans 2.3 Describe strategies used to predict and manage disruption in...
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