Assignment on a Agro Based Company

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Group members

|Roll |Name |Responsibility | |09227263 |Misty |Venue Management | |09207225 |Anamika Roy |Purchase | |09207340 |Dalia Khatun |Emergency | |09217307 |Umme Kulsum |Vigilance | |09207252 |Didarun Lira |Food | |09027266 |Solaiman |Venue Management | |09117260 |Roby |Officer | |09037243 |Imran |Water supply | |09047334 |Romen |Finance | |09097317 |Md. Ali Hasan |First Aid | |09117310 |Sohan |ID | |09087311 |Kamrul |Sit plan | |09247249 |Mily |- | Acknowledgement

A special thanks to our honorable course teacher Md. Sawan Uddin who has given us an opportunity to gather practical knowledge about “PRAN AGRO LIMITED” and its corporate social responsibility. We also thank to the “PRAN AGRO LIMITED” and their members. [pic][pic]Background of the Study

The background of study is to analyze the performance appraisal system of “PRAN AGRO LIMITED”. We have an assignment of corporate social responsibility of “X” company. Here we choose PRAN as a domestic company because it is not a multinational company. This company produces lots of products in Natore. We must have to know about the corporate social responsibility of any organization like PRAN AGRO LIMITED. Here, we tried to find out the corporate social responsibility. For completed the assignment, we were faced various problem and enhance the lot of experience about the company. Objective of the Assignment

1. The broad objective:
The broad objective is to find out the performance appraisal system of “PRAN AGRO LIMITED” and its corporate social responsibility. 2. The specific objective:
The specific objective is to find out the corporate social responsibility of “PRAN AGRO LIMITED”. Problem Statement and limitation of study
For complete this assignment, we were faced significant problem which might be occur the limitation of this assignment. We were expressed our limitation and problem on below,  • PRAN AGRO LIMITED does not suppose to provide the information as our requirement. • All data are so confidential for their company. So, they could not cordial to provide more information. • We went in PRAN AGRO LIMITED office for collecting information. • They did not help to meet their employee to feel up the question. So, we were filling up this question among employees through Human Resource Department. • They think that they have not enough time in their hand for...
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