Assignment on Stress Management

Topics: Sleep, Mental disorder, Sleep disorder Pages: 5 (1139 words) Published: March 5, 2011
American International School of Guangzhou
“Nurturing Students to Aspire and Achieve”
Grade 8 Health Assignment

1. a) How does stress affect you? What physical and emotional effects do you notice when you are stressed?

Stress affects me in many ways. Because of stress, I cannot think right, and can't concentrate on one thing. I keep thinking about the reason I am stressed. I don't even care about whats going on because I try to think of a way to resolve my problem. An emotional effect when stressed for me would be not responding to things the way I do. It's like my head can just focus on that one thing. Along with that, a physical effect would be my heart beating faster when I think about it.

b) What do you normally do to cope with stress?

I do some activities which take my mind off of my problems. Such as play sports, hang out with my friends, watch a movie, read, listen to music and all my other hobbies. However the best thing to do is tell someone about it. By doing this you can really feel better. I think I would tell my parents unless it is something I don't want them to know about.

c) What are some other things you could do?

Other things I would do this go to some place which helps me relieve stress. However overall, I don't think there is anything else I would do besides the things that I stated in the answers above. The main point is that you have to let go of it. Doesn't matter how, but you really should. It will benefit you in many ways. That's because you will face a lot of problems in life greater than these and you have to overcome them. I think letting go of stress should be a habit which will help you in life.

- 10 points
2. Someone in your class has said something as a joke, which hurt you. It is not the first time he/she has done this. Below are three different ways of dealing with the issue. Write two pros and two cons of each decision: |Way of dealing |Pros |Cons | |1. Do nothing. |1. People won't think anything bad of you. |1. It can happen again in the future. | | | | | | | | | | |2. They won't think you tell on the person or |2. The person will think you don't care when | | |really care. |you do. | | | | | | | | | |2. React angrily in front of everyone. |1. Nobody will tease you again. |1. People will think wrong of you and won't | | | |like you very much. | | | | | | |2. People will think you are “cool” and brave. | | | | |2. The person would try to get revenge by | | | |doing/saying something to you again....
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