Assignment on Psychological Disorders in Film

Topics: Feeling, Mental disorder, Left-handedness Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: May 3, 2012
Assignment must be typed. Attach the grading rubric.

1.Pick your film from the list.
2.Go to Allpsych Online to find the description and symptom list for your disorder category. The categories are in a box along the left side of the page. Click on your category and print this on a separate sheet. Highlight the symptom list.

3.Before you watch the film, look at the symptom list. You will use the Cornell Note-taking format page (attached to the syllabus—print multiple pages to have enough room to record the symptoms found at Allpsych Online) to take notes during the film. List the symptoms that you are looking for in the left hand column. When you see those symptoms in a film scene, record the details of the scene in the right hand column. You are a film detective; find at least one example of each symptom. 4.Answer these questions about the film:

a.Describe the plot of the film.
b.What did you like about the film?
c.What did you dislike about the film?
d.In what ways did the film affect your feelings? Use feeling words. e.Did the film change your view of mental illness?
f.How accurately was the psychological disorder portrayed in the film? Did you feel that the character was a good “fit” to the diagnosis? Support your conclusion with examples from the movie, which you have collected in #3 above, using the Cornell Note-taking system.
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