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Topics: Law, People's Republic of China, Management Pages: 20 (7550 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Executive summary
This is the report for all project managers who will be involved in the construction project in China. It is contains what advantages we have and difficulties we might face during the project life. It contains the researches and analysis of the management style in China which is different from UK and European countries, “Guanxi” a unique management style which has been used since ancient age in China, problems might face in Joint Venture partnerships. It’s also contains opportunities Foreign Direct Investment in China, Communication problem with Chinese people, how to dealing with Chinese people and Cross Cultural management challenges. Moreover, In China they have different Human Resource management practice and Expatriate management issues, which is one of the important issues for this project we need to consider, also included in the report. Chinese Legal and Constitutional system and Rule of law are different from UK and Europe, Ethical practice and political situation in China are also different from UK. We have to deal with lots of legal issues specially Construction law, Contract law and Health and Safety regulation for this project. Above all issues are included in the report. Furthermore this report discusses about the foreign exchange risk will be involved in this project and how to minimise the risk and in addition this report PESTEL (Political, Economic, Social Technological, Environmental and Legal) issues involved in this project.

Table of Content
Introduction =============================================================== 3 1. Management style and Joint venture partnership ================================= 4 1.1 Management styles in China and guanxi issue=================================== 4 1.2 Difference between Uk & China management styles ============================== 5 1.3 Problems in joint venture partnerships with China ================================ 5 1.4 Cross-cultural management Challenges ======================================= 7 1.5 Communications problem ================================================== 7 1.6 Human resource Management ============================================== 8 1.7 Expatriate Management ================================================== 8 1.8 Dealing with Chinese people =============================================== 9 1.9 Recruitment and selection ================================================= 9

1. Legal Issues =========================================================== 11 2.10 Construction law ======================================================== 11 2.11 Contract law ============================================================ 11 2.12 Employment law ========================================================= 11 2.13 Constitutional system ===================================================== 11 2.14 Rule of law ============================================================= 12 2.15 Legal issues in relation with political risk======================================== 12

3 Ethical issues and Bribery and Corruption in China ================================13 3.1 Ethical Issues in china ====================================================13 3.2 Bribery in china ==========================================================13 3.3 General Corruption in China ================================================13 3.4 Multinational company Example =============================================13

4. Other issues ============================================================15 4.1 Tax and VAT in China =====================================================15 4.2 Trade union in China =====================================================15 4.3 Culture in china =========================================================15 4.4 Foreign Exchange Risk ===================================================16 4.5 Natural Disaster in...
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