Assignment on Hr Promotion & Transfer

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Meaning of Promotion
Promotion is given to that employee who proves them extremely qualified or deserves promotion. It is of inspiration as well as compensation. When an employee works with his full attempt and makes good result he /she is rear-warded with promotion. Promotion stimulates self-development and creates interest in the job. According to Yoder-,“promotion provides incentive to initiative, enterprise and ambition; minimizes discontent and unrest; attracts capable individuals; necessitates logical training for advancement and forms an effective reward for loyalty and cooperation, long service etc.” Promotion is defined as giving higher position to the employee, which carries high status more responsibilities and higher status. Promotion means advancement of employee in terms of pay and status also improvement in working conditions. The upward assignment of an individual in an organization is hierarchy, accompanied by increased responsibilities, enhances status and usually with increased income through not always so – Arun Monappa & Mirza S. Saiyadain. Edwin B.Flippo ”A promotion involve a change from one job to another that is better in term of and responsibility” Chruden and Sherman”A promotion involves a change of assignment from a job of a lower level to one of level with in the organization” Dale Yoder”Promotion is defined as a movement to a position in which in which responsibility and prestige are increased” Pigors and myers “Promotion is the advantage of an employee to a better job better in term of gather responsibilities more prestige and status gather skill and specially increased of pay or salary”. Above explanation in a clear idea that, promotion is a process, which ensure more opportunity responsibility, salary than present position. Simply promotion indicates the involvement of 3R”s that, refer-rank, responsibility and remuneration. Another explanation could be ,

1)advancement in rank or position.
2) Furtherance or encouragement.
3) act of promoting.
4) State of being promoted.
Something devised to publicize or advertise a product, cause,institution, etc., as a brochure, free sample, poster, television or radio commercial, or personal appearance. Employer to support employee higher position, sales, duties, response everything increased is as well as employees enjoy self-determination,

(d) position
Promotions are used to fill the positions which are more important to fill rather than the present position of employee. It can be filled by external recruitment but employees having eligibility and experience must be appointed for their motivation. Also it will decrease labour turn over as external recruitment costs more. Also increase in salary and status will increase job satisfaction. When scale of pay is increased without changing job it is called up-gradation and promotion involves changes in job as well as high salary. When higher position is given without change in salary it is known as Dry Promotion. All these, Promotion Up-Gradation and Dry Promotion are used by management to increase morale of employee and as giving reward also. Promotion means the employee present position to superior position .more obviously promotion is the association to the higher position where more responsibility and more power exits with more occurrence. In the higher position, sales, duties, response everything increased is as well as employees enjoy self-determination. The advancement of an employee within a company position or job tasks. A job promotion may be the result of an employee's proactive pursuit of a higher ranking or as a reward by employers for good performance. Typically is also associated with a higher rate of pay or financial bonus. In terms of a career, a promotion refers to the advancement of an employee's rank or position in a hierarchical structure. A set of rules and guidelines set forth by...
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