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5 Steps in the Creative Process Model

During the preparation step of the creative process model, an individual becomes curious after encountering a problem.

While the individual begins to process her ideas, she begins to synthesize them using her imagination and begins to construct a creation.

As ideas begin to mature, the individual has an epiphany regarding how to piece her thoughts together in a manner that makes sense.

After a solution reveals itself in an epiphany, the individual then evaluates whether the insight is worth the pursuit. He may make changes to his solution so it is clearer.

The implementation of an idea or solution in the creative process model is when an individual begins the process of transforming her thoughts into a final product

Invention and Innovation
There is a subtle difference between these two words, but it is an important one for Business Studies students. * Invention if the formulation of new ideas for products or processes * Innovation is all about the practical application of new inventions into marketable products or services Invention example:

1. The Telephone
2. The History of Computers
3. Television

Innovation example:
1. 1
For walking the talk

2. 2
For 800 million reasons to share

3. 3
For expanding its hit lineup

4. 4
For playing the long game

5. 5
For making magic out of the mercantile

6. 6
For amplifying the global dialogue

7. 7
Occupy Movement
For embodying all the traits that make a Fast Company

8. 8
For fueling China’s Internet boom--and boldly moving West

9. 9
Life Technologies
For speeding up genetic sequencing

10. 10
For brightening up the sun-power business

11. 11
For being the only TV network to delight with digital

12. 12
Southern New Hampshire University
For relentlessly reinventing higher ed, online and off

13. 13
Tesla Motors
For boosting the art and technology of electric vehicles

14. 14
For selling more by encouraging customers to buy less

15. 15
For stoking insatiable, year-round demand for professional football

16. 16
National Marrow Donor Program
For matching technology with critical transplant needs

17. 17
For inventing the next-generation Chinese fashion brand

18. 18
For rocking the mobile lifestyle

19. 19
For turning spare rooms into the world’s hottest hotel chain

20. 20
For winning at the intersection of Hollywood and Madison Avenue

21. 21
Siemens AG
For its R&D ambitions in energy, transportation, and health care

22. 22
For transforming file storage into a very big business

23. 23
Kiva Systems
For turning squat robots into e-commerce giants

24. 24
For infusing a steady stream of new ideas to revive its business

25. 25
For making targeted, genetics-based cancer therapies

26. 26
For bringing tech and accessibility to the hidebound legal industry

27. 27
For driving advertiser engagement in a million-app world

28. 28
For turning everyone into a fashion editor

29. 29
Red Bull Media House
For showing what it really means to transform yourself into a media brand

30. 30
For making itself useful even when you're not job searching

Factors of Entrepreneurship development:
Personal factors 
·        Ability to cope with the situation
·        Age
·        Education
·        Personality
·        Intrapersonal communication ability
·        Achievement motivation
·        Self-confidence
·        Competence
·        Emotion
·        Understanding capacity
Environmental factors 
         A.            Socio-cultural factors  ·        Religion...
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