Assignment on Cognitive Component.

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  • Published : October 31, 2010
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Consumer Behavior.

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Introduction to the topic .

Human beings differ from each other, no two people can have same attitude, perception and behavior about a particular object. So marketer cannot use a single marketing strategy to cater consumers who have different attitudes ,perception .marketer have to understand the importance of those components which play a major role in supporting the purchase decision of consumers having different mindsets.

So present assignment is based on analysis of two important components,

• Cognitive component.

• Affective components.

Cognitive component consists of the knowledge and perception that are acquired by a combination of direct experience with the attitude object and related information from various sources.

Affective component consists of emotions and feelings about a particular product or brand.

So here are advertisements from which cognitive components will be described.


The advertisement is about refrigerator named Frigidaire. It is presenting a excellent example of advertisement which is depicting the cognitive components in a very clear and impressive manner.

As seen the each and every feature of refrigerator is nicely presented which can be explained as follow,

• In advertisement the first cognitive component is its lots of space to which a consumer who wants a spacey refrigerator to place sufficient food items will definitely think about it after seeing advertisement.

• The second cognitive component is digital read out which will help the consumer to read about features surface lighting a digital clock and temperature of the refrigerator. This...
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