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Topics: Financial ratio, Financial ratios, Balance sheet Pages: 15 (3833 words) Published: January 12, 2012
Financial Statements & Analysis
CMC Kamal Textile Mills Ltd.

Date Of submission: 7th September 2011
Financial Statements & Analysis
CMC Kamal Textile Mills Ltd.

Submitted To-
Md. Amdadul Haque

Submitted By-
Sharmin Sultana08093101019
Samir Mohammad Renat08093101022
Urmi Adhikary08093101040
Shanchita Noor(18th Intake)08092101001

Bangladesh University of Business & Technology (BUBT)
Dhaka Commerce College Road, Mirpur 2, Dhaka 1216



1.1 Introduction:
As we needed to complete the course Managerial Finance, as a part of assignment, we were needed to analyse the Financial Statement of CMC Kamal Textile Mills Ltd. We collect the Annual Report of the years 2006 to year 2010 and then we analysis the financial statement of this organization.

1.2 Background of the study:
As we needed to complete an assignment on CMC Kamal Textile Mills Ltd. First we collected the annual report of CMC Kamal Textile Mills Ltd. From Motijheel in front of the Dhaka Stock exchange. Then we had begun to analyze its financial statements. For this work our honorable course teacher Amdaul Haque helped us a lot. He suggested us how can we make a better financial statement on CMC Kamal Textile Ltd.

1.3 Significance of the study:
The first reason of the study is to know the financial condition of this company and to observe the present situation on CMC Kamal Textile Mills Ltd. By which we learn how to analyze a company. Now we are able of to analyze any company’s financial statement by the help of their annual report. So it helps us to learn about the practical knowledge of a company and now we are able to analyze a company properly by applying these method.

1.4 Scope of the study:
We know that our main aim is to earn practical knowledge. By the help of this subject we have earned some practical knowledge about a company. We have know how they perform their financial activity, how the pay loan. We have also known about the different names account payable, account receivable, etc. So it is a really a great experience for us. It will help us to have practical experience about a company.

1.5 Objectives of the Study:
1. To know about the company’s financial condition.
2. How company perform their financial activity.
3. What was their financial condition in last five years? 4. To learn how can we analyze a company?
5. Comparing the ratio according to the last five years.

1.6 Methodology:
For preparing this assignment we make group discussion we work together we collected annual report from Motijheel and we study about the CMC Kamal Textime Mills Ltd. Financial activity. We hope this assignment is enough to know the financial condition of CMC Kamal Textime Mills Ltd. 1.6.2 Research Design:

This report is a descriptive type of research which briefly reveals the overall activities performed by Mercantile Bank Ltd. It has also been administered by collecting secondary data. Annual report of MBL was the major secondary data sources in this regard. Ratio analysis in the form trend analysis and comparative analysis have also been used as major tools for the financial performance evaluation. The study is performed based on the information extracted from different sources collected by using a specific methodology. This report is analytical in nature. 1.6.3 Sources of data:

Sources of secondary data of this report are:
* Annual Report of CMC Kamal Textile Ltd.

1.6.4 Data Collection Procedure:
Conducting this report secondary data are used. Data regarding the Performance Evaluation of CMC Kamal Textime Mills Ltd. were collected from secondary sources like: Annual Reports, journals, Brochures, Manuals and Publication of CMC Kamal Textime Mills Ltd. official website. We also collect some information by taking expert opinion from the officers and difference observation while we...
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