Assignment of Business Communication

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Ch. 4.

Activities 4.8

Once again I want to remind all employees that please may NOT utilize company computers or the Internet other than for work-related business and essential personal messages. Effective immediately a new policy will be implemented.

Who work for Information Technology told me that the efficiency of network is lower by some employees who are using company computers for gaming, blogging, shopping, chatting, and download-ing streaming video. We have given all of employees the right to use e-mail responsibly for essential personal messages. But that is not include checking Facebook or MySpace accounts during work hours or downloading favorite shows or sharing music.

We distributed an e-mail policy a little while ago. We think it should to amplify and extrapolate that policy to include use of the Internet. If our company does not control its e-mail and Internet use, All employees will continue to suffer slow downloads. So we should take back the right of e-mail of some employees. In the past every employee has had the right to send a personal e-mail occasionally, but he has to use that right in the right way. I do not want to prohibit the personal use of e-mail entirely. So please use the network in the work-related business.

All employees will be expected to study the attached E-Mail and Internet policy and return the signed form with your agreement to adhere to this policy. Everyone must return this form by March 1.


Before they choose a communication channel, they should realize that what is the purpose of this information, the friest purpose of this information is to show the results of the vote for $1 special, the second maybe is to cancel the promotion. So it is a important information, useing a audio recording of phone, it can't make sure that every franchisees can hear it. And their audiences are thousands of franchisees in the United States, such a important information, in my opinion, they should use e-mail,...
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