Assignment No. 02

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Time Pages: 3 (1002 words) Published: January 11, 2013
Running Head: ASSIGNMENT NO. 02

Assignment no. 02
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Assignment no. 02

Questions: 1. Saima has proved that certain career myths are not always real. After a careful analysis of the case, what do you think which career myths has she ascertained? Saima has ascertained two types of career myths. First one is all Saima has to do is picking a career and she thought that things will be set after that. Choosing a career is a difficult task, but there are lots more to do after that. This career myth is indeed the most destructive because the person does not know what will be result of this career choice. We often see the people who had the same myth but after certain period of time, they became unsuccessful. People must have a clear idea and the future aspects of their chosen career. Things are not changed automatically; they are people who change them (Brolin, 2009). Interest level decides the things to be changed in a positive way. Second is that, if her parents were happy in a field which they wanted to be in the field of engineering, she was happy too. This myth is completely failed because everyone is different and what works for one person would not essentially work for another. If parents want to start career according to their own wish, so is the responsibility of young people to convince them about what is their interest and how can they have a successful career path (Farr, 2007). On the other hand, those who think just to make happy their parents, they can neither achieve what they want nor fulfill the successfully the desires of their parents because of lack of interest. Moreover, parents should also consider that the fact that their preferred career can not necessarily be a good fit for their children. There is a need that both parents and their children realize that it is not a conflict of decision making, it’s actually the development of career which has a strong base with self...
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