Assignment: New Employee Training

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  • Published : February 20, 2011
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Assignment: New Employee Training
The first issue that might indicate a need for training in an executive assistant position would be an employee not meeting productivity goals for their clients. A person analysis would show the individuals needs of employees who show performance deficiencies. Another issue that would require an organization analysis would come about from the company receiving customer complaints. This examination explores the environment and strategies that either needs to be changed or further reinforced through training. Finally, a supervisor observing the need for specific technology-related training is addressed in a task analysis. If need be, a competency assessment will be performed to determine specific training needs. As a training manager I would prioritize the training needs in the following order: b, a, c. Any issue related to customer satisfaction, or the lack there of carries huge importance for training for both the employee and the company. Training on specialized technology will increase employee productivity and competency. Finally, team efficiency training is important for the organization, but in regards to quarterly pep rallies the focus of that training does not need to be as intensive. Training for this position and all subordinate to it a combination of on-the-job training (OJT) and E-learning will be two effective methods used. With this hands-on approach employees will experience first-hand the ins and out of daily assistant tasks. Feedback and questions will be continually encouraged in this setting. The technological skills required for an executive assistant can best be taught through E-learning courses. Employees will have the option to complete courses either if time permits during work, or at their own pace from home. This structure will further prepare employees for a heavy-concentrated workload that uses many different types of technology. Near the end of the E-learning coursework there will be a certification...
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