Assignment in Business with India

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Business with India
Assignment # 2
Accenture’s War for Talent in India

1. What are the HR challenges faced by Accenture’s IT Outsourcing business in India? (weigtage = 10%) 2.   What is your opinion regarding the recruitment model (the functional recruitment) used by Accenture, as given in the case? (Weightage = 10%) 3.    Would you like to recommend changes in the model to improve its efficacy? (Weigtage = 20%).

HR challenges faced by Accenture’s IT Outsourcing business in India: 1. Hiring at scale without sacrificing quality.
2. Growing shortage of specialized labor in India due to competition for India’s technical intellectual and managerial talent that had intensifies with rapid growth of offshoring by leading International Corporation. 3. The skills of fresh graduates did not necessarily meet the needs of the software industry. 4. Double-digit wage inflation incurred as firms fought to attract candidates. 5. By the year of 2001 when Accenture HR team started to slowly grow the IT business by hiring employees it was known in India for its high-performance management consulting business, not for providing IT services. 6. Aiming to grow fast and yet time was needed for building a brand in the Indian marketplace while focusing on recruitment. 7. Lack of interviewersat Accenture India with technical background which resulted in scheduling candidate interviews by phone with Accenture interviewers in the US which in turn slowed the hiring process considerably.

Scale and complexity involved in hiring for the IT services in India was vastly different and meant that Accentures had to start from scratch despite their presence in India as a management consultancy for two decades. This have lead Accentre to create a recruitment strategy to meet the challenges at hand. One of the Mjour challenges faced by HR Accenture’s IT outsourcing in India was the 500 new IT professionals that were to be recruited within 5 weeks. This was the turning point for Accenture India that had led to the success of 500/5 via a new innovative recruitment model.

While averaged recruits were 80 per month with a peak of 100 in one month, a new average of 100 recruits per 1 week created a demand for a new hiring plan. The solution was to rapidly industrialize recruiting with very little lead time taking advantage of being part of a strong global network with access to expertise from around the world. The 500/5 mission was implemented successfully by starting with the following steps that eventually were not enough and have led to new “functional” model applying supply chain management principles to recruiting: 1. Global HR leadership flew 35 Accenture recruiters from all over the world. 2. Cooperation with the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management , Pune 3. Starting a “live training “program for about 10 of the institute’s HR students at a time. 4. HR professionals conducting initial resume screening, scheduled interviews and created records for follow-up

A new model that breaks recruitment into multiple components was built to be the new “functional” recruitment mode.

2. India's Recruitment model of Accenture (Supply chain of candidate CV's).

Four Strategic Components:

1. Candidate sourcing-understanding of company requirements : Number of employees needed
Skills required
Delivery date for those resources

This involves 3 key elements:
* Mapping business demand to available market intelligence, creating a plan to meet this demand. * Managing recruitment channels to optimize supply of CV's. * Initial screening and validation of CV's.

Focus on what is "must have" and what is "nice to have".

2. Candidate Management- getting the right candidates.

Screening, tests and interviews of resumes from candidate sourcing to assess candidate's suitability. 3 interviews:
Initial interview with HR
Interview to assess the candidate's technical skills
Final interview...
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