Assignment: Human Service Agency Interview

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  • Published : June 5, 2011
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The PHG interview assignment: Page 1

Assignment: Human Service Agency Interview
The PHG interview assignment: Page 2

To do this interview I could have used either the email, telephone, or in-person approach, but I chose to do the interview using the telephone approach. I had to choose this approach because I do not have reliable transportation right now, and I do not feel an email would have been appropriate for the particular agency that I chose. The questions that I asked the Direct Care Provider at the agency were as follows:

1. What is the organizations mission?
The Potomac Highlands Guild is committed to comprehensive behavioral health services and to improving the quality of life for people residing in the eastern West Virginia counties of Pendleton, Hampshire, Mineral, Hardy and Grant.

2. What or who is the targeted population?
The targeted population is people suffering from mental illness and retardation.

3. How do you receive your funding? 
We receive most of our funding through grants and the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, but we also deal with Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements.

4. How do people pay for your services? Medicare or Medicaid

5. What services do you provide? The Potomac Highlands Guild provides counseling, therapy, and even residential housing for people with psychological, substance and other life problems in the most appropriate setting necessary to meet the needs of the client.

6. What services do you think should be added? Although there is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation service provided, there is room for expansion in that area.

7. What one service do you think has the most positive effect on our community? The drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that we do...
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