Assignment: Human Service

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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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Leah Walushka
Assignment 2b
What do you think are some of the tensions or problems that might occur when a human service worker tries to keep clear boundary lines between the professional helping relationship and a friendship with a particular client? As a worker you will get know your clients and their life. I am sure workers get to know a little too much about their client because the client feels the need to talk about everything, or other cases the client may not want to talk and the worker has to force information out of the client. Anyway, the worker is keeping a clear line between boundaries but the client is trying to cross them, and that makes the worker feel uneasy. This is can hinder the workers environment and not want to see the client anymore. However, the client may feel as if the worker is being rude or whatever it may be and the client may not want to see the worker anymore. It is best to state to your client in the beginning that this is a professional relationship and to keep the personal things to a minimum.

What do you think the author meant by titling his book about disturbed children, Love Is Not Enough? I think it means that you cannot help your child’s disorder by just giving them love. As a parent you need to research and get information about their disorder. Do your research on the best doctors, or facilities to take your child too. Get your child the help he or she deserves. The love you have for them will make you want to help them. As a parent, you need to use all the resources you have to help your child live a better life.

Why do you think the workers at Sanctuary House state that it is critical to engage the young people in their program before they have been on the streets for too long a period of time? I think they say this because if you get the young people in the program before they end up the streets for a long time then it is going to help change their mind easier. If the streets are all you have known...
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