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  • Published : September 3, 2010
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Hispanic American Diversity
Janie Stone
ETH/125 Cultural Diversity (AXIA)
Erin Bailey
July 28, 2010
University of Phoenix

While Americans are making their decision on whether or not to accept the ongoing new comers to America, they are making way for themselves and doing well at it. Many ethnic groups here in America, are being grouped together as if from the same place simply because they have something in common. The most important factor of this that has been overlooked is they come from different countries with a different set of ancestors. A major factor problem with assimilation for migrants and immigrants is discrimination. According to John Baugh, Ph.D, the Margaret Bush Wilson Professor and director of African and African American Studies in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, has founded that many people made racist, snap judgments about callers with diverse dialects. Mexican Americans

According to Angel Tate with the Associate Content News, Mexican Americans are diverse people who have attained socioeconomic, linguistic assimilation, and legal status. Most are in pursuit of the American Dream and work hard to escape the humble status of the earlier generations, who are excluded from this attempt due to not having attained legal status in the United States. Alba states that Hispanics who are born in the United States or have lived in the United States for 10 years speak English well; English is the dominant language by the second generation; and by the third generation monolingualism is common. Hispanics most recent migration allows them to use their native tongue more frequently. Mexican Americans are not as established entrepreneurs as some other immigrants. Throughout the history of immigration to America, Mexicans seem to have had little progress in moving up from immigrant status to mainstream social status, partly due to the amount of discrimination and the poor education systems provided to them. (Alba 2006)...
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