Assignment Evaluating Eligibility Rules

Topics: Want, Need, Brenda Strong Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: April 17, 2012
Title Name: Assignment Evaluating Eligibility Rules
Student Name: Brenda Battle
Course Name: HSM/240
Date: 4/10/12
Instructor Name: Rachel Anderson
School Name: University of Phoenix

These agencies have all types of eligibility program for these homeless veterans. All they have to do is want the help. He or she does have to make sure that they have the paper work that they will need to process to make sure they are eligible for these programs. They want to know their income, how many people in the household. Most of all of these homeless can receive food stamps and other government assistance. In my previous assignment I wrote about Homeless Veterans. VA have many benefits and services to assist homeless veterans. They have disability benefits, health care, education; residential care, rehabilitation services, and compensated work therapy are also among the services they offer to eligible veterans. They have program for homeless veterans all over the world. The only ones who are in shelters or living on the street because they do not want help from these organizations. I have not notice any stigmatization or off targeted benefits. These benefits are here for these homeless veterans if they want them. In my opinion the homeless veterans can get the help that they need faster than anyone else can. They also have all types of residential care for these veterans. No I did not read anywhere were it is overwhelming costs are anything like that, but I did read that they have to be eligible for some of these programs. But I also read somewhere when I was doing research that most of all of these veterans are eligible for these benefits without paying too much. Most of these veterans cannot pay money out of pocket because they also have to take care of their families. None of these programs are overutilization or underutilization because the veterans need to make sure that they understand all of the rules. They...
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