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A psychological disorder diagnios and treatment

Assignment: Diagnosis and Treatment

Student: Theresa Gaskin

January 23, 2011



Assignment: Diagnosis and Treatment of Mood Disorders

A psychological disorder that has been relevant force at certain times in my life came in the way of depression, which is known as a mood disorder. Life experiences have been the cause for many to battle with depression, often not recognized or prompting self-medicating. The first effect of depression for most is the denial of this disorder, once addressed and diagnosed; treatment can bring about amazing results.

Depression is a very common disorder suffered by millions of people which doesn’t have age discrimination. From the adolescent that doesn’t fit in amongst its peers to those in the twilight of their lives, depression can be a disorder that will overwhelm your life. Normal depression is a condition that everyone may experience at one way or another in their lives, because of different life events. The loss of a love one, a job or the everyday hardships of life can cause depression, but in many instances the symptoms and affects are temporary. Only when depression is serious, lasting, and well beyond the typical reaction to a stressful life event is it classified as a mood disorder (Morris & Maisto, 2005).

Clinical depression is the more serious form of depression could be caused by chemical imbalance in the brain called neurotransmitters. Depending on other factors which may include your environment, your physical condition and any psychological issues of your life, in combination may determine the development of depression. Sometimes the strength of your coping mechanism can sometimes deter the feelings of depression.

In the diagnosis of depression there isn’t a certain laboratory test that can be used to diagnose depression. When depression is diagnosed it is based on the reported symptoms of the patient along with their personal and family medical history. There are several medical conditions which also cause depression symptoms, such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies, female hormonal changes and thyroid conditions.

The first signs of depression may present themselves as persistent sadness loss of interest in activities once pleasurable; changes may occur in appetite or body weight as well as sleeping routines. Other symptoms such as fatigue loss of energy; guilt feelings; and difficulty focusing; along with actual thoughts of suicide can be deemed to more serious. Going through these symptoms may have you attributing them to everything, except depression when you self-diagnose. Through my own personal experience it took a while for me to address my condition of depression.

Treatment for depression depends on the severity of the condition, in the more severe depressions such as bipolar depression, medication is prescribed, but not necessary the only option. Medications such as antidepressant don’t cure depression but are prescribe to enable the patient to deal with certain symptoms. There are several different types of antidepressant medications available, with produce different types of side effects. When the doctor prescribes medications for depression, he will inform you of the possible side effects in detail, he will also stress importance of proper dosage.

Some drugs given for depression have been known to cause the patient to adverse reactions, such as irritability, suicidal tendencies and personality changes.
Often a patient will have to try a couple different medications in order to find the one best suited. Some of the different medications used are classified under different chemical structures and different forms of depression. Examples of couple of types of medications are the Tricyclic antidepressants for the more severe depressions,

Monoamine oxidase inhibitors...
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