Assignment: Computer Program and Data File

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ITECH 1000 / 5000
Programming 1 School of Science, Information Technology and Engineering

Assignment 1 Teaching Period 1 2013 Introduction
This assignment requires you to understand a python program that manipulates some data involving a warehouse ordering system for a group of shoe stores at various locations. Based on this provided code, you are then asked to create a new python program for a different (but similar) system. You are provided with 3 files:  This document,  A data file, “orders.txt”  A Python file, “”. The data file and Python file should be downloaded into the same folder. Save your copy of the Python file as, for example,

1) Your first task is to examine the code you have been given. Answer specific questions throughout the assignment in a separate Word document. Marks are awarded according to how well your answers reflect an understanding of the concepts involved. The data file, “orders.txt”, consists of a number of lines (records) each of which have six values (fields) separated by spaces: (Open this file in notepad and have a look at it)  A Shoe Style code (e.g. Womens/Mens/Children),  The Shoe Type (e.g. Sandals,Runners,Dress,School,Boat),  A unique Item Code identifying the particular shoe on order (a string of characters NNNNX),  A number representing the shoe size (expected to be between 1 and 13),  The price of the pair of shoes,  The store address code in one word string (e.g.CentralSquare,City,Mall,Stockland). 2) Using your creativity, think of a similar problem to the shoe warehouse problem. For example, a travel scheduling system, a bus /train/plane services system, a cricket/other sport results system, a sales system. The new system that you will create must be based on a similar approach – a menu providing options, some data in a separate text file (similar to orders.txt) and a number of functions that do simple calculations and printing of selected data from your data file. a) Write up a simple description of your new system, including a description of the data file format. b) Create a new data file with fields separated by spaces. (You should have at least 4 fields of data in each record/line).

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ITECH 1000 / 5000 Assignment 1

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ITECH 1000 / 5000
Programming 1 School of Science, Information Technology and Engineering 3) Create a new python program file for your new system, which should be based on the program. Copy code from the file and rename the functions and change them to solve your new problem. Create a new data file for your system. In your code, the first function to work on is the menu function, change this to print messages relating to your new system. Make and document changes to the python code as required. (Detailed requirements in section A-E later in this document). Save your changes. All code that you write must cater for any number of lines of data in your data file and any valid values. You must NOT write your code only for the sample specific data that you put in this data file.

Please read all the sections relevant to you before you begin work: ITECH1000 students should respond to sections A, B, C and D listed below. ITECH5000 students should respond to sections A, B, C, D and E listed below.

Submission of Assignment
The Course Description should be consulted about:  The due date and time of submission,  The assessment weight of this assignment,  Policies relating to special consideration, lateness and plagiarism. Files required to be submitted are:  The python file containing your new system (an electronic copy and a hard copy)  The data file, ‘data.txt’ (an electronic copy only)  The Word document containing your description of a new problem system stating the system requirements, your data file format description and answers to questions in sections A and C (and D in the case of ITECH5000...
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