Assignment: Community and Problem Solving

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  • Published : October 14, 2010
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Assignment: Community and Problem-Solving Policing
Due: Day 7
Written by: Pia Harrison

There are two major theories involving the best and highly effective use of resources in the area of policing. The first theory is the well-known traditional problem-solving policing. (Goetz & Mitchell, 2003) This philosophy demonstrates that police organizations utilize their resources by reacting to troubled areas and incidents of involving criminal activity. Utilizing all patrol resources beyond the average, police agencies utilize task forces and specialized sections to target areas that are high in crime (this includes geographically, or by crime rate category). The newest and most recent theory of policing is the community policing philosophy. This theory indicates that positive community relationships and communication are the best way to fight against crime doers. The main problem in many police jurisdictions is that those of the community that is most affected by crime, do not trust those of the law enforcement at all. In community policing, there are many resources that are used for community outreach programs in an effort to involve those of the community. This is a great act to help patrol and report crimes, and to utilize the communication between those of the community and also those that enforce the law of the community. Oppose to focusing on “trouble spots” with more officers and resources, the community policing philosophy is very preventative in this area. This philosophy focuses on defusing high-crime rates before it can become a policing crisis. Any approach to incorporate these philosophies as well as problem-solving policing is sure to be the most effective use of policing resources. Problem-focused policing involves a lot of routine patrolling. This philosophy has the advantage of much effectiveness when implemented. Although, this method can be very effective and the high profile of the task force is positive, the overall...
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