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  • Published : December 12, 2010
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During the course of the day, I spent just as much time listening as I did talking so I guess it is 50/50. I thought before doing this chart that I did not talk much but after I look at it I spend just as much time listing as I do talking. After noticing that most of my day is silent because no one is at home I think I need to find something to do during the day. When it comes to the different types of listing such as comprehensive listening, empathetic listening, critical listening and appreciative listening I noticed I use mostly appreciative listening and empathetic listening. Because I am A stay at home mom about the only conversations I have are with my daughter and her daddy so I spend most of my time soothing them and helping them with there problems and just being there to listen to them. I think I need the most improvement in critical listening because some times I tend to loose the whole idea of the conversations I am in and find my self daydreaming and blocking people out. I think improving on critical listing will help me a lot because not only will I be listing to what people have to say I would actually be paying attrition and understand what they are talking about. I think to improve on this listing skill I will need to get out of the house more often and communicate with different types of people. Over all I think my listing and communications skills could use some work. I think most of my problem is being stuck inside the house except for one day a month when I do errands and shop for food. I think getting out and meeting new people and communicating with friend would help me out a great deal. I think with a few minor adjustment to my normal day to day life will help me in a big way. Now when I go out I will pay more attrition to my communication skills. Because who knows what people think of me when I go out and they try to speak to me and I just smile and shake my head and they can tell I am not listing to what they are saying....
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